"It's not ofen that I am so pleased with something that I am compelled to write a recommendation, but I am writing because Kristen's acupuncture treatments have been life altering for me. I have been seeing Kristen and enjoying the benefits of her acupuncture treatments for around a year and a half now. My initial reason for seeking treatment was ongoing knee pain and swelling as the result of a ski injury. I had never tried acupuncture and was skeptical at first, but her treatments helped my knee, eventually resolving the pain and swelling entirely. I also discovered that acupuncture is great for many other reasons. As a lifetime allergy sufferer, I have tried just about everything, with little to no relief. One of the fantastic side effects of acupuncture has been that it has greatly reduced the severity of my allergy symptoms. I feel better overall and am taking noticeably less medication. For me, acupuncture has now become less of a treatment and more of a way of self-care. Kristen is a knowledgeable, kind and caring provider. I would recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain, allergies, or even just stress.   It really does work."                                                   - K. Conway

"Thank you Kristen for your expertise and excellent care! My shoulder pain was significantly less after my treatments; I would not have been able to swim the Peaks to Portland without your acupuncture. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"                                                                              - M. Mainella

"Kristen is highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about not only acupuncture, but also other holistic healing techniques. Her studio is welcoming, she plays amazing music during treatments, and I always fall into the most relaxing sleep while I'm there! I can't recommend her highly enough!"      - A. Andrle

"After suffering a miscarriage, my husband and I struggled to conceive. My cycles were long, I wasn't ovulating, and we were desperate to get pregnant again. Also, I have endometriosis and know that getting pregnant does not come easily for me. On the advice of my general practitioner, I started looking into acupuncture and found Kristen. She was so empathetic and caring, I was immediately at ease with her. After weekly treatments for several months, my cycles got back on track and we successfully conceived our daughter (now 11 months)! Not only did the treatments help me relax, but I'm confident they played a significant role in getting pregnant. I will absolutely be seeing Kristen again when we decide to add to our family!"      - W. Synder

"I started seeing Kristen weekly around the end of my first trimester of pregnancy. I started going to help unblock my digestive system, and the results were almost instant and amazing. I couldn't believe I had tried all of these other remedies and did not get as good relief as what the acupuncture provided! Not only did it help to regulate my system, but also gives me an energy boost and helps me feel relaxed. The treatment environment is so cozy and welcoming, I look forward to it every week! Her knowledge and attention to detail combined with the gentle care she provides has helped me so much in this important time, and I highly recommend her to anyone!."      - K. Benson

"Regular acupuncture helps release the stress and tension from my neck and shoulders due to my occupation."      - C. Gagnon, dental hygienist

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! I went to acupuncture for miserable back and shoulder pain. My treatments have been 100% effective. Kristen is very kind and welcoming, she is an incredible acupuncturist who really knows her stuff. Relaxing background music nearly puts me to sleep each visit. It is a very professional, relaxing and healing environment. I eat healthy, exercise and take good care of myself, but going to Kristen has gotten me to a place, spiritually, that I would not have been able to attain without acupuncture. My mind and body have been feeling better and better. Her magic never ceases to amaze me. A happy customer for life!"            - D. Lawrence

"I met Kristen in 2012, shortly after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel
syndrome. Surgery was recommended, but I was hesitant because I had talked to people that had not had good results, or had very long recovery time. I feel very lucky to have had met Kristen right around the time I was trying to sort out my options. She seemed confident she could help me, so I decided to give it a try. My symptoms started to fade after the first few sessions and had completely gone away after a few months. Kristen's treatments relieved the pain and now I live symptom free.

I have also experienced severe migraine headaches for more than 20 years, they flare up seasonally and unpredictably. My doctor had me
using prescription medication that did help, but the side effects were tough to
deal with. Kristen was able to treat the headaches to the point they are almost
non-existent. I continue to see Kristen regularly, most often with minor aches and
pains, or simply as a relaxation therapy."
- B. Woodworth

"I have had chronic lumbar L4/L5 back pain for years with minimal relief from osteopathic manipulation, chiropractic manipulation and allopathic treatment. Kristen's acupuncture techniques have given me beneficial pain relief, in just one treatment! I am impressed with the amount of relaxation that is achieved with acupuncture. It is a very pleasant experience with amazing relief of symptoms for me. Better than alcohol! :) "  - S. Morse, DDS

"I came to Kristen for fertility help– I was trying to get back my period after a decade of being on the pill. The first four months of work with her opened me up to how much more acupuncture could give me- stress management, deeper relaxation and concentration, and I was making healthier choices in my diet and exercise because I felt so good from our appointments. The fifth month of our work together, I got pregnant! I am positive my body's ability to start naturally ovulating again was kick-started by my work with Kristen. Even if you are just starting to think about preparing your body for pregnancy, I recommend starting treatments with Kristen early on- the positive changes acupuncture can do for your body are remarkable. Our healthy baby girl is due this winter, and I couldn't be more grateful to Kristen for her treatments, and for her care and support."      - T. Gionet, first time mom

“Kristen has been a tremendously positive force in my life for several years, first as a yoga instructor and now as my acupuncturist. I live with sleep issues, back pain and foot neuropathy and recently had shoulder surgery; regular visits to Kristen have helped me keep all these ailments in check. She is thoughtful and intentional in how she treats me, and the atmosphere is peaceful, warm and inviting. Because of our yoga relationship I feel she knows me and my body very well and is able to use that familiarity to help me with my various body ailments. What I wasn’t expecting was her ability to address general healing and balancing work along with my physical issues. After my sessions with her I am often floating for an hour or two and experience a sense of calm and bliss that I now look forward to each time I see her. Kristen can be serious, funny, focused and accommodating all at the same time. I am confident that my time and money are well spent with her. She receives my highest accolades and recommendation. I consider her to be an essential part of my path towards long term health."   - E. Bryan

"Kristen is an exceptional practitioner. She exudes a warmth and genuineness and makes each (acupuncture) session a personalized experience. She treated me during a 6-week period of vertigo, for which I was unable to walk straight for the first two weeks. After every session I felt a noticeable improvement in the severity of my dizziness. My vertigo left me feeling frustrated and uncomfortable in my own body, and forced me to be sedentary—a very difficult option for someone who engages in weight lifting, hiking, biking, and yoga—but Kristen reassured me every visit and was able to empathize with that discomfort and help put me at ease. She has such a warm and calming nature about her, it is effortless to become relaxed and comfortable in her studio / during her treatments."        - A. Hemmerich

"I have been seeing Kristen for acupuncture for over a year and a half. Through this time I have found her to be very attentive, personable and skilled in her practice, and her space is very calming and comfortable.
I originally went for my endometriosis pain but also found her to be helpful in many other aspects of my life such as anxiety, allergies and fatigue. She has greatly improved my quality of life!"   
- A. Dieffenbach

"I met Kristen for the first time more than six years ago.  I was new to Bikram yoga, and I could not have been more fortunate to have had Kristen as my teacher.  She made it fun, challenging but fun.  Kristen has this light and practical approach to teaching yoga.  She manages to push your limits, while remaining considerate of every student.
After a couple of yoga classes I mentioned my then decade long chronic low back pain to Kristen.  She told me she is an acupuncturist and suggested I try acupuncture.  At that time, I had tried pretty much all available modalities treating low back pain:  Physical therapy, “electric” therapy, exercise, no exercise, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine…  During my first acupuncture session at her cozy and delightful office space, Kristen spent almost an hour getting a detailed history and charting a treatment plan.  Over several weeks of weekly sessions, the pain decreased dramatically.  Now, the back pain is barely there, and I still try to go for maintenance sessions at least bi-weekly.
A couple of years ago I started swimming regularly.  As I swam more, my right shoulder started to ache and later became continuous nagging pain.  After just a few sessions of acupuncture and cupping, it was "fixed".
Kristen helped me deal with chronic pain in the most effective way, while allowing me to remain active and positive.  I am impressed with her style, I highly recommend her."
      - T. Hammour, MD

"After losing my husband unexpectedly this winter, Kristen, who is also my yoga teacher, offered me a complimentary appointment. Having never experienced acupuncture, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the time, my heart was broken, my spirit was dim and body filled with grief. I needed to heal.  After my first appointment I knew this was an appropriate therapy for me. Kristen’s professionalism, knowledge and intuitiveness put me at ease. Her mastery of acupuncture far exceeded my expectations. Through successive treatments my emotional balance and well being began to emerge and under her care I have seen real results."    - D. Hart

"Kristen is a warm and caring practitioner who listens carefully to her patients.
She is very knowledgeable and skillful. My first sessions with Kristen were amazing and i noticed results right away.
My acupuncture experience with Kristen has been a turning point to restore my balance and improve my ability to listen to my body.
I love the atmosphere in her office and it always smells great!"     
- L. Dzabiev

"I have been a client of Kristen’s since this past Spring.  I had never received any prior acupuncture treatments.  Her work has done wonders for my problem areas.  She really knows her stuff and really cares about her client’s wellbeing and improvement.  I strongly endorse her skills and services!"      - J. Bowen

"I went to Kristen to treat digital ulcers that were starting in my feet due to complications with Raynaud's Syndrome and Limited Scleroderma. In just one treatment she got my blood flowing through the area again and the ulcer healed.  I am very thankful for this natural, healing approach!  And, I love how she adds cupping to relieve my upper back tension while the acupuncture is working it's wonders. Kristen's space is warm and zen and her massage is pretty amazing too!"    - T. Corsetti

"When I first went to Kristen, I was very skeptical about acupuncture.  I had a shoulder injury and I was in so much pain, I was desperate to try anything. I quickly began to recognize that acupuncture was more than what I had thought it was. It has become a therapist for my body, mind and soul. It's helped me find a connection to myself and to my body, fostering compassion and acceptance.  All that I used to see was all that was wrong or that I didn't like about it.
The guidance from Kristen has been far reaching; educating me and offering holistic and spiritual solutions, as well as teaching me how powerful my body really is.  Acupuncture has treated much, much more than my shoulder pain. For too many years, I have also struggled with anxiety, insomnia and digestive difficulties. Since seeing Kristen, all of my symptoms, as well as my overall mental and physical health, have improved significantly.  Seeing Kristen is something I look forward to every week."
      - T. Johal

"One of many things I like about Kristen is her follow up. She checks in with you after your treatment to see how you're doing, any changes, any questions, etc. She is also great about providing information about anything she's done or the theory behind it. Further, she provides a very comfortable atmosphere. I definitely recommend her."
- B. Keniston

"I have benefited from acupuncture with Kristen in many ways. My anxiety and stress vanished in one session. My energy was restored in another session. My neck and shoulder pain are still responding/changing. Knee joint pain has diminished, and I always feel relaxed and happy after every visit."    - S. Markofsky

"I am a 53-year-old experienced acupuncture patient. I see Kristen periodically when I need a tune-up or have special aches and pains I'd like addressed. She has treated me variously for tennis elbow, a groin pull, thumb spasms, and back and neck pain. Her treatments start with a brief consultation and then move to a well-appointed, welcoming table for needle-work, cupping, some massage and aromatherapy along with herbal/vitamin supplement recommendations. As with her yoga style, Kristen is nurturing and practical; she wants to make the most of an appointment the same way she wants to wring the most out of a yoga class! I feel good about seeing Kristen; she does her acupuncture homework to ensure she's responding to my ailments. But I also just enjoy her treatments, her space, her bedside manner, and how I feel when I leave an appointment. Have I seen results? No tennis elbow, no groin injury, no neck or back pain, reduced tremors. I had no real complaints when I saw her recently; I just wanted a feel-good session and that's what I got."      - S. Bryan

"I had been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for some time, often with debilitating symptoms, living with pain everyday. I had tried different methods of relief; ice, stretching, foot braces, as well as massage; all to no avail. Through doing research online I discovered a medical report that stated patients who had been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, for even a year or more, had significant, if not cured, result from seeking acupuncture and cupping therapy.  Kristen was able to see me right away and after only two sessions (one week apart), I am completely healed. I have NO symptoms AT ALL, and am once again free to roam! I can't thank Kristen enough, not only did she rid me of pain, she has checked in with me by phone to see how I'm feeling."      - D. Williams

"I've worked in construction for twenty years; hanging sheet rock , painting, and through much of it, walking on stilts ... it takes a toll on your body.  I've never had an injury and didn't think i had any use for acupuncture, but after being referred by a friend I decided to give it a try.  After seeing Kristen and having cupping all over my shoulders and back, I realized how wrong I was. I had become accustomed to being so tight in those areas, I didn't even realize it. Instantly after the cups were removed I felt much better and a lot looser. The next morning though, was incredible. I felt like I was floating from all the tension that had been released.  Now, I truly understand and believe in the benefits, and will continue to rely on these treatments to keep me feeling good into the future."        - E. Ham

"Kristen's treatments were invigorating, relaxing and healing. I felt listened to and truly cared for. I am a runner and had been suffering pain in my hamstrings for several months. It was getting harder to run and harder to enjoy running. I felt heaviness and radiating pain in my upper legs. I even had pain when I sat at my desk at work or when I drove. I tried physical therapy, including dry needling (with a physical therapist), without any relief. After just two treatments with Kristen the pain was gone, and I was able to complete a relay race totaling 21 miles! Kristen did an amazing job taking care of me, but also stressed the importance of me taking care of myself. I will definitely recommend her."        -M. Lane, FNP

"Insomnia, stress, shoulder pain, and chronic hamstring injuries from years of competitive running led me to Kristen's acupuncture studio. She has created a unique ambiance that immediately calms the spirit and soothes the soul. Kristen's strength as a woman, an athlete, and a yoga instructor continue onto her acupuncture table. While I am unable to get to her studio even half as often as I would like, when I do go, I can always be assured that my body will reach a level of utter relaxation that is unsurpassed in any other venue. Best of all, and with the help of Kristen's various cupping methods; years of soft tissue injuries and sciatica are on the mend. She has helped me recover from a myriad of injuries and illnesses (massive dog bites and adrenal tumors), but she has also helped introduce me to the concept that I can achieve, with time and patience, a pain-free and positive lifestyle that includes time for self care and rest. Thank you, Kristen!"      -H. Robinson

"I really appreciate how Kristen made careful assessments of my needs and customized a treatment perfect for me. Her work ignited and moved energy through my body, she also recommended Chinese herbs that have been very nurturing."                                                                                                                  -W. Wirth

Testimonials - Pura Vida Acupuncture and Yoga in Portland, Maine

"Music puts wings on the human spirit."                      - Frank Sinatra

I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember.  It brings me great joy, that through and acupuncture and yoga; I am able to utilize my love of music as a way to connect with my patients and students. 

Music is incredible in it's ability to awaken the senses, inspire the soul and quiet the mind.  It's a common opinion that music is distracting in a yoga practice, and while I  appreciate and understand the value of silence; I also find music to be incredibly therapeutic.  The problem I find, is that silence, in a yoga practice, can be incredibly loud.  In the vast space that silence creates, our minds wander wildly, leaving very few moments to be spent in the present.  Music holds your attention, which allows for a cerebral experience of the present moment; one that has the ability to affect real and lasting change.  It is this kind of experience that ultimately leads to healing of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. The immense capacity of our minds is a blessing and a curse.  They hold so much about the past and the future, distracting us away from the moment that truly matters.

Our senses connect us to the outside world, and when combined with a practice of mindfulness, they provide a bridge between our mind and physical body. Understanding how the stimuli of the world around us affects shifts in the energy within us, is a powerful way to learn about ourselves. That kind of understanding is the only way to truly be able to take control of your health ... your life.

Music, unique in it's ability to create a cathartic release, can bring about a shift in emotional energy unlike any yoga class or acupuncture needle.  The ability to let go, to emote, to be vulnerable, to release the emotions you have been holding onto; is essential to the ability to heal physically. Both acupuncture and a yoga work to unblock stuck energy. Music can encourage the physical purging of the energy that is released. Holding onto emotional pain will  keep you sick, and releasing it assists in your ability to heal. It all comes back to energy.  Where it is stuck, we need to move it, and what doesn't serve you, needs to be released. We are energy, music is energy.  I believe that music is medicine.

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