Yoga Testimonials

"Kristen's yoga classes are powerful and heartfelt. Her style of working with people is very skillful and effective. Kristen is nurturing, kind and insightful instructor. She challenges us in a way that addresses our best and brings out our best.  I am consistently impressed with her dedication, knowledge and compassion."                      - Eileen D.

"Oh happy day it is when you take a yoga class from Kristen. Whether it is  the formal Bikram practice or Kristen’s unique vinyasa flow I leave her class feeling more connected, open, balanced, strong and relaxed. She has a way through her careful instruction to inspire one to do their best on their yoga mat. I have learned from Kristen the importance of small incremental movements and alignment. I have finally understood the importance of breath and how to coordinate it with movement.
As a passionate instructor she not only gives clear explanation of each posture, but also identifies why the posture benefits us. Kristen guides and nudges each of her students to get the most out of their practice which ultimately leads to better health and happiness-oh happy day!"                     
- Dede H.

"Kristen has been an inspiring Yoga Teacher to me for many years. Her teaching comes from a place of knowledge and heart, with a deep understanding of the subtle energy body. She guides a class that is for all levels where you will be challenged, yet encouraged to follow your inner being. I recently received acupuncture from Kristen and the after effects were astonishing. My upper back and shoulders had been throbbing for months, and within an hour of me leaving the pain started to subside. She also made me feel comfortable and at home in her quaint and cozy space, making it easy to relax during the session. I would highly recommend Kristen for both acupuncture and yoga! She is a rockstar."      - Lee S.

"Kristen is a brilliant and dedicated yoga teacher. Her authentic style has a shamanic effect, always taking me on a journey"                      - Natalie D.

"Kristen's yoga classes run smoothly and with focus and patience —a clear reflection of her experience as both a yoga teacher and practitioner. Her love for yoga is apparent in her instruction, in which she incorporates knowledge and insight regarding yoga’s spiritual and physical benefits. I’m a middle-aged, middle-of-the-road practitioner of yoga, and Kristen somehow always helps me feel welcome, capable, and strong, all the while keeping the primary focus on the breath and present moment. A music fan, Kristen prefaces and ends most of her classes with thoughtfully chosen music, her own twist to a style of yoga that has the same progression of 26 poses. She provides careful instruction on each of the poses, with beginner and advanced variants to the foundations on which we build. A particularly impressive quality of Kristen’s instruction is the individual attention and support she provides during class, to newcomers and longtime practitioners alike.Kristen is one in a million, and I hold her in the highest regard."                          - Kathy B.

"I am a 53-year-old experienced yoga student. I have taken dozens of Yoga classes taught by Kristen. Her style is one of nurturing practicality. In her fusion classes, she delivers a challenging 90-minute journey weaving Pilates, Yin postures, balancing postures, and vinyasa flow in a fusion that just rocks! No class is the same, no class is easy. It's warm, there's good dialogue, cues, and such a range of music, and sometimes popsicles at the end of class! But you don't have to be in good shape or experienced to benefit from Kristen's class. No one's left behind: there's room (it's welcoming and at the same time expectations are high) for a student to have the freedom to make it their own class. From her emphasis on breath-work, to her descriptive dialogue, from her ability to lead us through several postures in a single stretch, to the way she makes it fun, hard, and real; her classes are rewarding and exceptional. I would recommend any class with Kristen Boze!"        - Suzanne B.

"I have been doing yoga off and on for 30 years . In the past 10 years I have committed mostly to Bikram yoga and have been to numerous studios and had many teachers throughout the USA. Kristen is one of the best teachers I have encountered for many reasons. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, encouraging, compassionate, yet also teaches a physically demanding class. When I first started yoga I would not have sought a difficult practice or instructor, but as time went on I realized that the teachers that pushed me helped me to try harder and accomplish more. I was even willing to attempt another type of yoga because Kristen taught the class.
Kristen is also great with personal and physical issues which get in the way of practicing yoga. Her knowledge is enormous and she is always learning more and sharing what she learns with her students. She is positive and energetic and makes every class a treat. I feel very lucky to have had the privilege to be one of her students. She would be [an] asset to any studio, company or business."                                                                                                                                                   
- Joan B.

"Kristen is a great yoga teacher. I've been in her classes for a couple of years at my office and I've always been impressed with the variety she uses to switch things up. Her eagerness to explain the benefits of each posture during class is much appreciated. She has practicality that I've missed from other teachers in the past. Her music playlists are awesome too!"                          - Luke N.

"I just graduated and started working at a company where Kristen comes in to teach yoga during lunch twice a week. I knew that yoga was offered as a perk, but I have never been a yogi before, so I was hesitantly optimistic. After the first class my mind was changed and I became a dedicated attendee and advocate for her class. I so appreciate Kristen's approach to yoga. She incorporates traces of meditation, mindfulness, physical strength and physical awareness as well as relaxation unlike any yoga I have ever done before. As a runner with a lot of nagging pains and imbalances now working a desk job, it is so refreshing to feel more holistically balanced after class. I feel like the two hours that Kristen comes into our offices to teach yoga are the most precious hours of my week; during class I am guaranteed time to slow down and care for my mental and physical well-being."        - Demi F.

"Kristen is not only an amazing yoga instructor, but one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. She truly seems to intuit what her students need and designs the class to accommodate them, and with detailed instructions. I always leave her fusion class feeling that it was exactly what I needed!"    - Lynne M.

"I cannot say enough about the level of teaching I've experienced when being instructed by Kristen. As a first time yoga class attendee, I had no idea what to expect, and no idea what I was doing, I'm so thankful I ended up in Kristen's class. I had never even done a yoga pose. I'm extremely high energy and VERY easily distracted. I've tried everything over the years to relax and nothing has helped, my mind always wanders. That wasn't my experience in Kristen's class at all, it's actually the exact opposite. She has a way with words that gets you in the right mindset and brings your attention within. She pays such close attention to alignment, gives gentle correction, and will give you the one-on-one attention needed, even in a class with 25 other people. Her whole aura is captivating, and I feel she embodies everything an amazing yoga instructor should. I'm so thankful to have her, and her unique style of yoga instruction, in my life. The world of Yoga wouldn't be the same without her."      - Emmy L.

"Every time I take a class with Kristen, I feel like I learn how to breathe again. I have been practicing yoga for more than 12 years, but when I walk into the studio for one of her classes, there is a uniquely Kristen feel to the space.  With incense and soothing music wafting through the air; the vibe is welcoming and reassuring.  I adore the strength and leadership she exudes in her Fusion classes, but no matter which class she instructs; she is committed to leading students into technically accurate poses, always with an emphasis on proper breathing. She offers unique and diverse ways of teaching, even those of us who are veterans. I always learn something new in her class, that enables me to approach a pose that I've practiced for many years, in a new way. Kristen is able to strike a balance between physical challenge, technical accuracy, spiritual rejuvenation, and supreme serenity. Always sensitive to our diversity of backgrounds and abilities, Kristen is a master at offering modifications; she is truly an incredible artist and an inspiration.            Every class with Kristen is a physical adventure into the soul that always yields a spiritual renaissance."    - Heather R.

"As Kristen's first yoga teacher, I have been a witness to her years of unfolding, both as a student and as a teacher. I have taught thousands of yoga students over the years; Kristen is one those very few, who I've personally seen, allow their yoga practice to profoundly impact their lives. When she came to me, many years ago, with the desire to attend teacher training, I can recall her self conscious reserve, her self doubt, and some fear as she stood on the precipice of her life's edge. But I also recall a fierce desire for something to ignite change in her life. Kristen has since followed her dreams and evolved on many levels, I have been honored to be there along the way to see her authenticity shine through. Her direct experience of evolution in her own life has engendered an innate ability to guide others through their own transitions, with an empathy and compassion that is rare these days. Through her connection to evolving she has created her own melding of several different styles of practice, calling it Fusion Yoga. This class is a creative expression of movement and breath accompanied by music that has meaning to her. Each class is thoughtfully planned from the heart, with the intent to make a lasting impact on each student. What I respect the most about Kristen is that she is truly not afraid to be herself. This quality inspires and encourages others to embrace their own uniqueness, especially when we feel compelled from society to conform."                     - Angela Weymouth, Owner - Maine Hatha Yoga.

Yoga Testimonials - Pura Vida Acupuncture and Yoga in Portland, Maine

"Music puts wings on the human spirit."                      - Frank Sinatra

I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember.  It brings me great joy, that through and acupuncture and yoga; I am able to utilize my love of music as a way to connect with my patients and students. 

Music is incredible in it's ability to awaken the senses, inspire the soul and quiet the mind.  It's a common opinion that music is distracting in a yoga practice, and while I  appreciate and understand the value of silence; I also find music to be incredibly therapeutic.  The problem I find, is that silence, in a yoga practice, can be incredibly loud.  In the vast space that silence creates, our minds wander wildly, leaving very few moments to be spent in the present.  Music holds your attention, which allows for a cerebral experience of the present moment; one that has the ability to affect real and lasting change.  It is this kind of experience that ultimately leads to healing of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. The immense capacity of our minds is a blessing and a curse.  They hold so much about the past and the future, distracting us away from the moment that truly matters.

Our senses connect us to the outside world, and when combined with a practice of mindfulness, they provide a bridge between our mind and physical body. Understanding how the stimuli of the world around us affects shifts in the energy within us, is a powerful way to learn about ourselves. That kind of understanding is the only way to truly be able to take control of your health ... your life.

Music, unique in it's ability to create a cathartic release, can bring about a shift in emotional energy unlike any yoga class or acupuncture needle.  The ability to let go, to emote, to be vulnerable, to release the emotions you have been holding onto; is essential to the ability to heal physically. Both acupuncture and a yoga work to unblock stuck energy. Music can encourage the physical purging of the energy that is released. Holding onto emotional pain will  keep you sick, and releasing it assists in your ability to heal. It all comes back to energy.  Where it is stuck, we need to move it, and what doesn't serve you, needs to be released. We are energy, music is energy.  I believe that music is medicine.

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